3 Things to Include in an Engagement Photoshoot Session Contract

3 Things to Include in an Engagement Photoshoot Session Contract | Contracts for Creatives | Ashlee Hightower | Attorney for Creatives

Wedding season is approaching. If you’re a wedding photographer, you need a solid contract to use with clients not only for wedding day photography but for engagement photoshoot sessions too! Today I’m sharing 3 things to include in an engagement photoshoot session contract.

3 Things to Include in an Engagement Photoshoot Session Contract

There are, of course, other items that should be included in an engagement session contract, but today I’m touching on three of the most important. For a full list of what should be included, take a look at my Engagement Session Photography Contract Template. My Wedding Day Photography Contract Template and my Wedding Photography Bundle, which includes both templates, may be of interest to you too!

Session Fees and Payment

The session fees and payment schedule are the most important items to include in an engagement session photography contract . All payment details regarding what the couple owes you for the photography services and when those payments are due should be included.

These fees may be wrapped up in a bundled contract if the couple has hired you to shoot both the engagement photos and wedding day photos. Most bundled packages will list the fees for the engagement session separately from the wedding day photography services.

If you are bundling the services, you’ll likely want to include two payment due dates in your payment schedule. One payment being due at the time of booking and the final payment being due a few weeks before the wedding date. The initial payment acts as a booking payment for the wedding date and should also cover any fees for your photography services related to the engagement session.

Rescheduling and Cancelation Policies

Life (and weather) happens and sometimes photography sessions need to be postponed and rescheduled. And in some circumstances, engagement sessions may be affected by the actual wedding being postponed, rescheduled, or even called off.

It’s important that you include specific language in your contract that addresses what happens if any of these scenarios pop up. This section should include details addressing the amount of advance notice the couple must provide in order to receive any type of refund, whether you allow any refunds at all, and whether you allow funds to be transferred to other dates.

It’s important to outline this section in as much detail as possible so that the couple is aware of what fees they might be liable for if they reschedule or cancel the engagement session or the actual wedding date after booking the photography services.

Editing and Turnaround Time

As the photographer, you want to give the couple ample notice of your editing timeline and turnaround time. This ensures that all parties are on the same page regarding expectations from the beginning. It’s important to set boundaries and keep expectations at bay while still providing top quality service.

As an example, including language regarding turnaround time for sneak peek photos or social media sneak peeks and including a separate turnaround time for the entire portfolio of photographs is a great idea!

Have a specific question about wedding photographer contracts? Shoot me an email! And check out my carefully curated and easy to customize photography contracts here: Engagement Session Photography Contract TemplateWedding Day Photography Contract Template, and Wedding Photography Bundle, which includes both!

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