3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Having an Attorney Review Your Client Contract

3 Reasons It's Worth Having an Attorney Review Your Client Contract | Contracts for Creatives
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As a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re wearing all the hats in your business. Content creator, social media specialist, client manager, accountant, contract negotiator, photographer … the list goes on and on! It’s important to know when it’s worth outsourcing tasks. Today I’m sharing three reasons why it’s worth having an attorney review your client contract.

3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Having an Attorney Review Your Client Contract

The first thing worth noting is that you should always have a contract in place with all of your clients. Anything is better than nothing. You always want to make sure to have the services you are providing to clients and the monetary amount they are paying you (and when) IN WRITING.

Assuming you’re using some sort of client contract, whether it be one that you grabbed off the internet or one that you drafted yourself, it’s 100% worth it to have an attorney review your client contract. Having an attorney review the contract will ensure everything is fleshed out and you and your business are protected.

Ensure All Facets of Client Relationship are Covered

Having an attorney review your contract, particularly an attorney well versed in your industry, ensures that all facets of your client relationship are covered in the contract. You want your client contract to outline every aspect of the services you are providing and the payment you are receiving in exchange for those services. It is imperative that everything is in writing so that all parties are on the same page during the term of the agreement. It’s important that expectations are set at the time of signing the contract.

To Protect Work Product

An attorney will be able to make sure you have the proper intellectual property language in your contract to ensure that your work product is protected. This goes to how your client may use the product and/or content you create during the term of the contract. It’s important to protect your work and limit usage rights.

To Limit Your Liability

You’ll want an attorney to review your client contract to ensure language is included in your contract to limit your liability in the event that you and/or your business are held liable for anything that occurs as related to the contract. It’s worth having an attorney take a look at your liability language and/or insert limitation of liability language into your contract to ensure you are protected.

If you have any questions about your client contract or need an attorney to review it, email me at ashlee@ashleehightower.com!


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