The Blog Societies Conference Contracts Workshop Recap

The Blog Societies Conference | Workshop Recap | Contracts for Creatives | Ashlee Hightower | Attorney for Creatives
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If you follow along with me on Instagram Stories, you may have seen that I attended The Blog Societies Conference, affectionately called #TBSCon, last weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was thrilled when Cathy and Jessica, co-founders of The Blog Societies, reached out to see if I’d be interested in hosting a workshop session on contracts for bloggers.

Not only have I known Cathy and Jessica for a couple of years now through blogging, I’ve actually attended #TBSCon in the past as a blogger.  Cathy and Jessica have created such an amazing community of bloggers supporting bloggers with TBS.  The conference is always such a great weekend, packed with networking, learning, and building even more community.


Thursday night consisted of a fun, welcome cocktail party.  All of the speakers, workshop leaders, and attendees mingled with brands that were on hand for the conference.  It was such a fun night.  I loved connecting with familiar faces and meeting new folks as well!


The next day, Friday, was a full day of workshops.  There were several different workshops going on throughout the day including an accounting workshop hosted by my favorite CPA, Amy Northard, a photography workshop hosted by Rachel Martino and Noelle Downing, a social media marketing workshop hosted by Christan Duncan, a SEO workshop hosted by Lindsay Humes, and my workshop on contracts for bloggers!

You might not realize how important it is for bloggers to have some base-knowledge on legal contracts.  Depending on the type of content they’re producing, bloggers could be responsible for reviewing and drafting multiple contracts per week.  There are contracts with photographers, videographers, and brands.  All of these contracts are 100% necessary to have in place as a blogger.  There are so many moving parts when producing and publishing content.

In the workshop, I covered a sample blogger/brand contract.  We went through the important parts of the contract, what to include when drafting your own collaboration contract, and what to keep an eye out for when reviewing brand contracts.

The workshop was so much fun!  I loved fielding questions from the bloggers regarding actual contract issues they’ve faced when working on collaborations with brands.


The conference ended on Saturday with a key-note presentation by Grace Atwood, a presentation on Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations by Brittany Stevens, and a blogger Q&A panel with Cathy, Jessica, Rachel, Noelle, and Alicia.

The conference was not only fun, but really educational as well.  If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend joining  The Blog Societies and attending next year’s #TBSCon!  Huge thank you to Cathy and Jessica for having me!

If you’re a blogger and need assistance with drafting your own contract for brand collaborations or if you need help reviewing brand contracts, shoot me an email at [email protected], and we can set up a (free) consultation to walk through any of your contract needs!

The Blog Societies Conference | Workshop Recap | Contracts for Creatives | Ashlee Hightower | Attorney for Creatives

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