Influencers Tips: How To Protect Your Photos From Being Used Without Your Consent

Influencers tips to protect your photos featured by top US attorney for creatives, Ashlee Hightower

Influencers depend on their photos for their livelihood. The value of those photos goes down and can negatively impact your brand if they are used by someone else – especially when this happens without your knowledge or consent. While you can attempt to pursue legal action against the thief after the fact, the damage may have already been done. It’s much more effective to protect your images from unauthorized use ahead of time, which is exactly what these influencers tips are all about!

Influencers Tips: 4 Ways to Protect Your Photos 

Photos are easily accessible for use on the Internet, even by brands influencers may have worked with in the past, which is a huge risk to influencers. Tips to prevent photos from being used without your permission include:

1.     Adding Photo Use and Limitations to all Contracts.

These clauses protect influencers by explicitly stating how and when a brand can use the influencer’s image or photographs.

2.     Add a Copyright Notice.

Add copyright language to your website and social accounts. This indicates that the images displayed are your intellectual property and cannot be used without permission. Keep in mind that the original photographer always owns the copyright to any photos taken, unless they specifically sign those rights over to you.

3.     Contact the User Directly.

If you ever discover your photos being used without your consent, send an email to the user letting them know they need to remove the image or pay a licensing fee. Wording can be dictated by how the image is being used. If you like how it is being used, for example, you may want to come across as collaborative rather than combative.

4.     Get an Attorney Involved.

If someone is using your photos, ignoring your requests for action, and tarnishing your brand, contact an attorney ASAP. An attorney can send a formal cease and desist letter and recommend further legal action if the situation is not resolved within a certain timeframe. Often, the threat of legal action is enough to get the user to take down the image(s).

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