When to Have an Attorney Review Your Contract

When to Have an Attorney Review Your Client Contract | Contracts for Creatives | Ashlee Hightower

Congrats, you drafted your own client contract!  Now that you have a contract in hand, should you have an attorney review it?  When is the right time to have an attorney review the contract?

When to Have an Attorney Review Your Client Contract

Having a contract for your clients to sign is a major milestone in most creative businesses.  Likely, what started out as a side hobby where email conversations dictated terms of service and fees, has now turned into a more formalized business where you’ve taken steps to make your business legit.

Having a written contract on hand for your clients to review and sign is a huge step forward in protecting you and your business.  Having a contract in place also ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the project timeline.

So when is the right time to have an attorney review your client contract?  It’s never a bad idea, in fact, I’d suggest having an attorney review your client contract as soon as possible.  Some attorney’s fees may be more than you’re able to pay when you’re just starting out.  Find a friend who’s an attorney.  Even if they aren’t well versed in your specific business, they should have some general contract law knowledge.

Once you’re able to pay an attorney to review your work, find an attorney who has experience in your specific field.  For example, hiring an attorney who specializes in government contracts wouldn’t be ideal if you’re a wedding photographer.  You’ll want to find an attorney who knows a bit about your industry and understands the intricacies that go along with your field of work.

Drafting your own client contract and then hiring an attorney to review it is a great way to cut down on costs.  It will cost substantially more money to have an attorney draft your entire client contract from start to finish.

Having the peace of mind that an attorney has reviewed and made any necessary revisions to your contract to better fit your business needs and protect your business is worth every penny, in my opinion!

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