3 Things to Include in a Virtual Assistant Contract

3 Things to Include in a Virtual Assistant Contract | Contracts for Creatives | Ashlee Hightower | Attorney for Creatives


The world of virtual assistants can sometimes feel like the wild west.  It’s easy for virtual assistant contracts to be overlooked as unimportant, but I’m here to tell you that if you are a virtual assistant, you need a contract on hand.

There are a plethora of items that need to be included in a virtual assistant contract.  Today I’m sharing three items that are often overlooked.

3 Things to Include in a Virtual Assistant Contract

Office Hours

As a virtual assistant, some clients might think that since you’re working virtually, you’ll be working around the clock.  Or at the very least that you’re reachable via email on your phone at all times.  To avoid this situation and the stress of feeling like you always have to be on call, be sure to include a paragraph stating when you’ll be performing your work.  Include language indicating the hours during the work day that you’ll be available via email and include any holiday exceptions.

Along with including normal work hours, you should include language addressing an additional hourly fee for any hours that the client requests you work outside of your normal work hours.

Compensation & Payment Terms

As a virtual assistant, you always want to make sure you know when you’re getting paid for your hard work!  Including compensation and payment terms in your contract is a must.  You’ll want to include the amount you’re getting paid, whether that be a flat fee or an hourly rate.  You’ll also want to include when you’re getting paid.

If the project is a flat fee project, perhaps you would request half of the payment upfront as a deposit and the other half at the time of completion of the project.  On the other hand, if you’re working on a hourly pay rate, you’ll want to set up recurring payment deadlines, for example, on the first and fifteenth of every month.

If you’re agreeing to only work and bill a certain amount of hours per month, you’ll want to note that in the virtual assistant contract as well.

You should include invoice logistics too.  How will you be sending over the invoice?  Via email, PayPal, QuickBooks?  Also include your preferred method of payment (PayPal, Stripe, etc.).

Along with the amount that’s due and when it’s due, you’ll want to address late fees.  Include language informing clients of repercussions if payment is not made on time.

Services Provided

A virtual assistant contract should always include what services you are providing to each client.  I prefer to include the specific services offered in a list format, included as an attachment or exhibit to the contract itself.  That way the attachment/exhibit is fluid.  You, as the virtual assistant, and your client may make changes to the attachment/exhibit as the job responsibilities change throughout the working relationship.

These three things are important items to include in a virtual assistant contract.  As a virtual assistant, you want to always make sure you are protecting yourself and your business when taking on new clients.

Are you in need of a virtual assistant contract?  I have a virtual assistant contract template available for immediate, digital download!  Check it out here! The contract template is a fill-in-the-blank document that you’ll be able to tailor to each client.  With that said, even where there are blanks, there is sample language for you to use.

And if you’re a little hesitant about downloading a document from the internet, I get it.  Check out what my past clients have said (scroll down a bit) and always feel free to email me with any questions!  I’m also more than happy to work with you to create a custom contract template!  Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions!


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