Photography Contract for Use with Bloggers


Are you a photographer who’s working with bloggers and/or influencers?  You need the Photographer Contract Template for Use with Bloggers!

Most bloggers and/or influencers usually require a license of use to publish photographer’s photographs online and on various social media platforms.  This contract template is one that you’ll be able to tailor to each blogger/influencer to accommodate their needs while still protecting your business and your craft.  The template is easily editable.  It will include language that will protect you as the business owner and your business. The contract template is a fill-in-the-blank type document, but where there are blanks, there is sample language for you to use.

What do you get?

  • PDF version of the contract template
  • Word version of the contract template
  • Easily identifiable highlighted portions within the contract template that are fill-in-the-blank portions where you’ll be able to tailor the contract template to each individual client.

What’s in the template?

  • Session time and date
  • Session fees and payment
  • Location costs and fees
  • Rescheduling and re-shoot language
  • Refund policy
  • Archive of images
  • Copyright and use language
  • Release language
  • Session requests
  • Editing and turnaround time
  • Amendments and addendum language
  • Governing law

Who should purchase this template?

  • Photographers photographing bloggers and/or influencers.
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